lunch-break #1

fiuh. it's a long story, to be honest, till we got a rice cooker few weeks ago!

it's been quite a long time, years i guess, since the last time i cooked rice for lunch. it's not practical and - the top reason of all - i don't like cooking! - at least i don't enjoy cooking if it's only for me myself. but, i've been forced to cook for lunch, because i've been complaining (silently) about getting bored with the menus for lunch and i've been eating bread for days. at some points, it's boring to wander around the hawker centers nearby the office and decide what to eat for lunch.

there's no stove in my house, and no heavy cooking is allowed, and that my friend is another story to be told. shortly, tried to be a little bit creative using microwave, oven, and steamer.. and the results aren't bad! it's healthier as well.

happy lunch-breaking!


1. rice + barbeque chicken grill + tofu mixed veggie
2. rice + corned beef + tofu mixed veggie
3. rice + egg chilli + sausage mixed veggie
4. rice + bacon / chicken ham + egg chilli + hot mushroom veggie
5. rice + corned + tofu omelet + hot veggie
6. rice + bacon / chicken ham + mushroom omelet + butter mixed veggie + sambal kecap


tahir sumar said…
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