Ceylon (DutchZeylan) was a governorate of the Dutch East India Company between 1658 and 1798 on the island currently known as Sri Lanka.

I was pretty amused seeing this coin in my palm, when our tour guide threw his treasures to show what he has discovered under the ground when it rains. I was "wowwwww-ing" so much, which made him offering to sell his coins to me. And I fell in love at the first sight, of course, with the VOC one. It feels like we're (Sri Lankan and Indonesian) related in history because of the Dutch colonialism. My feeling was proved immediately, when Nalin told me that their famous souvenir is batik! Dutch brought batik from Indonesia to Sri Lankan when they colonized both countries. Interesting facts discovered further later when we're exploring the country, a bit surprising since we didn't expect so much history to be learned, and unexpectedly it brought us further down to learn and look for Sri Lankan history to date (I even bought Sri Lankan history book myself). 

The other coin is a vintage coin from 1970s ~ we decided to keep the coin instead of using it to buy something. It was like we were collecting old stuffs from the past and keep it for the sake of history.

Do you have old coin? Keep it! Or, sell it to me :)


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