stacks of polaroid.

Before having the polaroid, I'd always thought that I'm really gonna love that kind of camera. And it's been proofed. I really do!

Here some of the 3 packs of polaroid I've been using. Well, some are burnt because I purposely opened the back of the camera to really burn the film, and it turned out to be quite lovely.

I was kinda excited to post these two photos. One, because I love the shirts. Two, because accidentally, we were composing it similarly.

Yosua took the picture below, and it became the most favorite photo of all. :D

Burning effect with flash, it looks very.. 90's.

Some of the photos I took around the city. 

See the effects of burning of the photos below. :D Lovely, isn't it?
Photo #1 : Akte & Mario - maternity photo shoot
Photo #2 : Red Fender guy

from us - the urban walkers.


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