diy : 27 ~ the survivor

i am a card-person. no event is complete without a card. and that's why, i pay full attention in choosing the best card for each event, because a card shows hidden (/indescribable) feelings.

choosing (/making) the best card includes this particular event - his turning point, for sure. i knew that he made a big deal by being 27 years old since day one he became one, because of those 'myth' of his idol jimi hendrix - and also kurt cobain, jim morrison, and the latest was amy winehouse - who died on their 27. so, by surviving his 27, i thought it would be fun to celebrate the survivor's big day, i decided to make it a big deal for him on passing through the night turning into 28. :)

it's been a long long time since the last time i made a card by myself. i guess, my sketches aren't that good (compare to those artists), and sketching people is my biggest weakness (not that i am better in sketching other things, haha).

i sketched him in his favorite arsenal t-shirt, with that messy hair and a little beard in his chin, while i sketched myself with a little camera (indication that it was me, i never know how to sketch myself). and that yellow paper was a dummy for trial before making the real one.

beside making a card, i made him a crown as a physical signage that he has turned into 28. for fun, indeed. at least, y-boy looked cute in his crown.

congrats, you've survived! ;)


dyah sihanani said…
....and don't forget Janis Joplin among the 27group *salah fokus* hehe. selamat 28 pacarnya novel :)
novel. said…
haha. noted. seorang yang percaya mitos 27 lainnya :))

ntar kusampaikan pada yg bersangkutan :) makasih daiyooo!

*tetep ditunggu kedatangannya*

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