people are good in writing when they're sad or crushed. and at least i think i am, a little.
it's been months and my words are stuck in the edge of my head. my head is still talkative and yet there are no words come out from my mouth or transform into writings.

the rain is still pouring. the tears is still running down on the cheeks. the hearts are still broken. the destinations are still unknown. and i am still here, wordless.

maybe that's a sign that i am happy enough to produce words.

maybe that's a sign that even the most depressed girl might find her way to conquer the horrible storms.

maybe that's a sign that i should learn to write positive stuffs.

maybe that's a sign that in one way or another, everyone (read : I) is finally moving forward.

and for that, i am maybe wordless, therefore i take pictures.

above all, i miss writing.


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