fully entertained | part 2

The Blindfold
By Garin Nugroho
One humble personality who bravely translated the sensitive social-religious issue into a screen. Yet, the process itself was incredibly hard, with research and public opinions against him. The movie was improvisation of the characters who played without scripts, the actings were base on the research result of the issues.
We were amazed and slapped in the same time. Indonesia, religion, and social problems. Three siblings which can't be separated.

The Cranberries
Live in Singapore 2012
One of my junior high's favorite band, and the only one band with female vocalist that I like. Dolores is 40, but her voice rocks! It's like seeing a young girl with her gothic outfit performs in a big stage, 40 is only a number!
During the show, I really couldn't stop smiling. :)

*btw, sorry for the crappy images.


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