Regular Coffee

Mr Herr walks slowly to his lawn from the front door of his large country house, walks through the grass-covered land to the wood letterbox with his name and his dead-wife's name on it. Find several letters addressed to him, mostly are the authorities letters and bills. He close the letterbox and bring those letters to the terrace, sits on his huge bamboo-chair which was ordered by his son, Mark, special for him on his 50th birthday.

A red mug is there, he has prepared it earlier, right after he takes his morning bath. Never forget about the morning coffee, because in his life, a cup of coffee is the only regular thing he always take. Beside that, nothing is regular, ever.


One morning, in his eighteen, he took his morning black coffee and sat down in the kitchen table reading his Math book. Suddenly, his neighbor came into his house, frantically shouted out loud calling his mother's name. He looked at the old fat lady with her pink sweater. "I'm sorry, Mrs. Lou. What is it?" He asked her politely. "Your father, Kurt, your father!" And that was it. He lost his father that morning.

In his twenty-seven, he put the telephone down and smiled at his colleague. He just closed a very big deal with one of the company's client, morning deal was always the best. 10.20 in the morning, and all he got was a victorious smile. He finished his last sip for the black coffee. He was ready to celebrate the closing, took his jacket from his chair and pulled the arm of his colleague, Sean. He was planning to get out of the office to treat him a fine lunch. "Wait a minute, Kurt." Sean pulled his arm back. Kurt stopped his step and turned his head back to Sean, suspiciously asked him why with his eyes. "What's up dude? Aren't we going to celebrate the deal?" He was confused with the gestures. "We got a call..." Sean stopped for seconds, "your sister died due to the car accident this morning." Kurt dropped his jacket in the floor, his beloved sister was gone.

A week after his wedding, he was having his honeymoon in Greece. He married a fantastic woman, Casey, and he was 32 years old. They were having their delicious Greek coffee, recommended by the owner of the cafe they visited. And suddenly Casey came out from the washing area and straightly held his hands tight, she looked deeply in his eyes and didn't say anything. Kurt was sure that it wasn't because she loved him that much - though he knew that she does, then he asked her softly. "Is it my Mom, Case?" His mom was sick, very very sick, and the day would be anytime. Casey nodded. And that was it. They flew back to her mother's town and held the funeral.

And five years ago, her beloved Casey was taken away in the lovely sunny Sunday. He woke up alone in his bedroom, because Casey was in the hospital, and he was sweating. The weather wasn't that hot, but still his body was wet. He took a bath, put on his clothes and his leather shoes, made a cup of coffee for himself before went out to the hospital. He sipped his coffee down, faster than usual, because his heart said that he must go as soon as possible. So, he went to the hospital an hour earlier. Doctor Finn came to him and escorted him to Casey's room, he patted his back softly. "Mr Herr, your wife is very strong. She has been through a lot, yet she always put her lovely smile in her face." Doctor Finn smiled at him, tried to make him stronger. "I think, this is the point where we have to let her go, Sir, so that those smiles will always be there." Kurt held his wife's hands until her last breathe, and he kept those smile in his heart forever.


This morning, the coffee is still hot in his red mug, with the smell that always fill the kitchen up in the morning. One last coffee and he never take it. He wears his red-black sweater, brown pants, and a pair of black leather shoes from his daughter - Kelly, he sit in his bamboo chair and he just close his eyes, he leave the coffee in his side. And because, one regular thing that never change. Today, he change it. He leave the coffee, to join with the irregular things in his life.


dai said…
ini lo yang mengarang? kereennn
novel. said…
iyo dai, saya yang ngarang.. namun temanya kematian, sungguh depresi yahh -_-" :(
hihi. namun, terimakasih ya dai :DDD
dai said…
justru karena temanya kematian jadi kereeeennn ahh sukaaaa :))
novel. said…
you're so dark, dai!
- and so am I :))

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