Prudence : Warm

"I should get going, Prudence." Ray smiles at Pru. "Thanks for the time!" Again, he smiles.

Pru, she gives him a nod.. and a smile to reply those. "Good time, for sure!"

"I will not refuse if there is another time like this, in the future. Just in case you don't know what's inside my mind." He is ready to leave, his backpack is on his back.

Pru laughs at his sentence. "I will not refuse, either. Well, just in case you think what's inside my mind is different from yours."

Ray smile widely. "I guess, I'll see you another time!" He doesn't wave, he just walks away.

Prudence's eyes watch Ray's back, until he disappears. She sip her coffee down and collect her stuffs, also ready to leave the coffee shop. Day has became dark, the sun has set.


The wind blows too intense, her hair is a mess. It makes her thin skin couldn't bear the breeze. Her clothes are not thick enough, are not warm enough to protect her from the windy day. She put her cold hands inside the pockets of her grey jacket. She step onto a pile of brown leaves, and even the sounds of it couldn't be heard, beaten by the sound of the wind.

That minute, Pru tries to understand the concept of warmth, like she never tried before. When the weather is cold, then the body feel the coldness. That's pretty clear. That's an exterior's issue. She has tons of anti-cold clothes, and it would help.

What's hard to understand is when it comes to the inside. She doesn't realize the exact time when it became cold, and she didn't prepare the anti-cold clothes for the inside's issue. She just let it freeze and then numb. She forgets how to feel warm, besides she also never bothers.

Until the time Ray called. And even only a picture of coffee in Pru's head was enough to spread the warmth.


Pru is laughing out loud in front of the coffee shop. She feels silly. And so, she jumps and throws her hat in the air. Warm.


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