Some stuffs above weren't not actually handmade, but it was designed and created from hand-sketches.

The elephant cards are from Chiangmai, I got it from a gift shop I found in Thapae area. The artist was the seller in his own shop. When I visited his shop, he was there and he was painting an elephant series in a canvas!

The iphone casing is my late favorite thing. Haha. Can't you see that it is really really cute? Found this in shop that sell many recyclable stuffs in Singapore. There are many series of this type of sketch - boys and girls - and they have their own names! Mine is Claudia. :) When I bought this phone's casing, I should wait for 30-40 minutes, because they made it by order! You order it, and they make it right away. Isn't that great?

I love flea market! Because I could find this kind of cool stuffs. The oriental cards below were found in a weekend's flea market. The sketches are awesome!

I can't resist anything handmade.


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