Prudence : Patient

I stop from my walk, step aside and dig my bag. Hundreds of stuffs - which I don't even know - are stuck in there.

"Where the hell is the damn ipod?" I curse, I am impatient! "Why is it so hard to find a thing that I need inside my own bag???"

I take a deep breathe and calm myself down. You know what, sometimes we know that things are there, yet we can't find them.. it's just because we're not patient enough, not because those things aren't for us. So I sit on the ugly chair, without asking a permission of the owner - a bakso seller, and start digging again, this time slower and more patient. Ah, gotcha! There you go! I hold my ipod like a winner of stuffs-finding-competition.

Told you.. it's not because it's not there.

I was going to the office, actually, 11 AM and still long way to go. I was having a long night with my working partner, did those articles which were left by the one who is actually in charge with - and also having an overnight work until 3 AM. That guy was irresponsible, left without words and now we work our ass off to finish all of his articles, and of course he is having fun in Hawaii right now. I am allowed to come late today, after I called Paul to have more sleep. But actually, now is very very late. So I hurry my steps.

"Pru! Where have you been? I've been looking for you the whole morning!" Nyna screams at me, panic.

"I called Paul for a permission coming to work a bit late, because I thought our work has finished!" I rush to put my stuffs on my desk and catch the things up with Nyna. She looks awful, her hair is a mess, her mascara is half way done, her lips is trembling. "What's up?" I take the paperworks from Nyna's hand, she is is not in a good condition to think straight.

"The fact crosscheck just came out and several datas we used are not valid. We have to call the source and interview them immediately. This shit has to be done by 3 PM." Nyna hit the table, again.. panic.

I scan the words, try to connect with all of those unfamiliar stuffs. Some invalid facts actually can be searched from the previous article, we just need to as the fact-checker to help us doing it. I put the papers down and look at Nyna's eyes.

"Look, dear Nyna, we can do this. Okay? Believe me. I know I am not good in this area, but we can. All we gotta do is calm down and think with clear minds. Okay." I put my hand on her shoulder, I don't blink.

Nyna takes a deep breathe and nod her head. I smile at her.

"Okay! What time is it now?" I look at my watch. "1.07 PM. We have plenty of time." I divide the paperworks, one stack for me and the other stack for Nyna. "We need to gather these on 2.35 PM." I run to Ken's desk, the fact-checker and ready to work my ass off, once more.

2.35 PM.

Two stacks of paper are there, full of red color from pens we were using. I send a smile to Nyna. We re-read all those stuffs once more and agree to edit some parts that doesn't sound right. We discuss and argue in low volume, almost whispering, and mostly I only pointing the word's in Nyna's screen.

2.55 PM.

Printed and put on Paul's desk.

"Thanks, Pru! You've done a really awesome job!" Nyna hug me tightly, looks so relieve.

I laugh. "Don't mention it, Nyn! Sorry for coming late, I really didn't know."

"No. No. I should've called you to come. You know what, I even forgot that I really could call you. I panicked and my brain was stuck."

I nod. "Yep, I know. Next time, we should be more careful.. and learn how to calm down in this kind of situation." We walk out of the office, ready to have a cup of strong coffee and muffins.

One bold lesson today. Patient. And you'll get what's there.


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