Secret of Happiness.

Secret of Happiness (and things I learned from a book "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin) :

- be yourself
- stop nagging
- do whatever you can do by yourself and stop asking other people to do things for you
- stop complaining simple things and be grateful for simple things
- talk big to other people to show our support (such as : "I know you can do it!")
- start listening to other people
- sleep earlier so that you can wake up earlier
- be an overbuyer and be prepare
- give things to others
- give up your unused clothes and tidy up your closet
- buy stuffs that can make you happy
- be impulsive once in a while
- exercise
- what makes others happy may not be the same with what makes you happy
- do whatever you like, don't bother of what people say
- forget about money, as long as you can be happier
- you can do whatever you like, but you can't choose what to like
- things you like when you were 10 years old is the same thing that would make you happy today
- ..
feel free to add something into this list! :)

(Honestly, for me, the most powerful weapon to be happier is "to be thankful". It works every-single-time!)

Be happy, beautiful people! :D


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