The day when all the excitements and worries were around, from the minute she told us that the babies were going to be in the world soon - through surgery, because the complication has occured (seriously, watching too much Grey's Anatomy really affect my medical knowledge, I worried too much in this case).

Early morning, the twins were here, 25th of November 2011. And we're all excited to welcome them :) Though we only met in black and white photos, yet we loved them already. Hello, little cuties.. for now, we call them lil dark and lil twisty! :D

Pictures (by : Bo & me) were dedicated to the new mother and the twin babies, also can be seen at


dai said…
mbak kris udah melahirkannn????
novel. said…
Udah Daiiiii! :')
Super excited nihhh.. :D
kristy said…
kyaaaa..makasih foto2nya yaa..
semoga mereka selalu penuh harapan seperti pagi yang cerah di foto2 kalian:D

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