One Complete Year.

A year is short. Shorter than you could expect. It comes even before you realise, and it gets shorten each year. A year that I could collect, as pieces of memories which are seen grey, a year of life that's so short but contains million feelings - longings, happiness, and heartaches.

A year ago that all the smiles and laughters of children filled the air. And out of nowhere it changed into sorrow and pain. And it slowly was erased from the air - but not in the heart.

Then, changed into something new, strangers that soon became a small little family. Newborn little girl appeared, joyful, smiles, and smells of baby were filling the air.

And it just that. A complete one year. Passed. Like a snap.

So, we scattered, we moved, and we left the space - where we gather for months - alone with the memories that left. It keeps the memories, silently. Just like we will remember each minutes of it someday, in silence as well.

..goodbye, Al..


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