#16 Behind the story of Angkor.

I saw new things, I met new people, I learned about life beyond mine, and I understood new understanding I have never knew before.

I did realized that I complained too much, lately. It was like an accumulation from what I have faced for months. Then, now I am opening my eyes, again - yes, I've been here before.

It was a guy I met as a tour guide, a skinny guy with a charming smile. Nothing uncommon - but, look further and deeper into his mind, you would find an extraordinary young man with a good vision for the children of his country. I later realized what I complained are shallow things, compares to the everyday problem that all those children have; money, food, medicine, education, etc.

.. And I knew what the feeling of ungrateful was like - the most uncomfortable feeling, it blocks all the happiness and smiles, and yes somehow it's also painful.

This man, he told me his short story of life, he has 10 brothers and he comes from a poor family. Then in Pol Pot regime, his 6 brothers were killed. It gave his mother mental illness for years. But then, he managed to send his mother to a temple to learn about meditation. Through meditation, thanks God - now his mother could become a teacher of meditation.

His background doesn't stop him to do big things in his life. He helps many children in his country, he thinks they need hands to get better life. He joins NGOs, he makes friends with many people, he writes proposals every night, he plays music to collect money for the children, and he guides tourists to see the treasures of his country.

His touring service could be found in his blog -
Angkorface. 15% of his service charges will be dedicated for the children (in this case, the total amount of money he would earn is only 5%, which is not much).

After I met that guy, he wasn't that skinny anymore. He was huge, and I was tiny like a bug. With all of his weaknesses, he still could do many things for others. And with all the things I have, I still complain about how unfair my life us. And yes, I am a bug.

Visit Siem Reap, Cambodia, and meet Jacky! Please do!



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