A kick in my face, I can't sketch.

One of the great sketcher I have ever seen. And I have his sketches in one awesome book on my lap. How lovely! :)
Please drop a visit in his blog, Mattias Adolfsson. And go here if you're interested to buy his awesome book - worth every cents! :D

Have a nice Sunday!

4 winds from friends and strangers:

calosa said...

whoa! so cool! how much vel?

novel. said...

Usd$48 include shipping, cal :D

dai said...

ada yg mau nerbitin sketsa2 gue? gyahahaha *tonjok*

novel. said...

sini gue terbitin dai..
tapi, gue bikin perusahaan dulu. :)) jd tambah panjang jalannya. hihi

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