#13 (Un)Planned Future

It began when I met a girl, unexpectedly became a wake-up call (though I doubt whether I woke up or not). She asked me to tell her my dreams - to be fair, I don't have to tell what her purpose was, in short term, medium term, and long term. And shockingly, I was stunned. I was speechless, couldn't even tell the simplest dream of mine.

My friend was also there, and he was easily telling his dreams, smoothly! I was gonna laugh, laugh at myself, laugh at my silliness. I was telling the world about dreams, and when I looked at myself.. I am, myself, a dreamless girl and indeed an un-planned human being.

There's no shame I feel. I have plans (by the way, I am stopping call those things in my head : 'dreams'), for sure. I just have to figure it out how to make it come true. And, that, is the hardest part.


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