#12 Pain.

Let me tell you about pain.

It's when your mother chose your siblings over you.
It's when your grandmother yelled at you and your brother, because your brother played a bit rough with your grandmother's favorite grandchildren.
It's when your teacher used you to cover his ass in the classroom.
It's when your boyfriend told you that he'd prefer to come back to his ex rather than stay with you, because he thought his ex was weaker than you and she needed him more.
It's when your friend told you that you are pathetic.
It's when your father screamed at you because you refused to follow his path.
It's when your boss told you that you're awful and not qualified enough to be someone.
It's when your degree didn't tell the world anything.
It's when you were hopeless.

It's when you had nobody to hug you.

Those are pains.


calosa said…
my friend just told me that i'm pathetic. and yes it hurts. and yes my degree doesn't tell the world anything for me either.

*sending you a hug* :)
novel. said…
:") thanks cal.

*hugging back :)

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