#9 redefine

The steps is fading away, the music is starting to end, play its last tones. The claps are soon to disappear, out of the ears. The stage is going to be dark, the lightings are off. I am staring at the darkness, holding myself up altogether, re-questioning the definition of (best)friend.

I used to defined (best)friendship as a long lasting relationship. But somehow, I have a conclusion, in a way that it is not. Maybe you'll remember the relationship until the last breathe of your life, but then, it's not a friendship anymore, it will just be a part of your memory.. in the past. It's just a similar thing, when the relation has no more continuity and it's just an on-and-off relation, don't call it a friendship. Only a relation between people who had known each other for a quite some times.

Don't you think so?

(Best) Friendship is about taking care. You would care a lot to maintain the relation, to tell each other useless details in life and keep the buzz only to say 'hi' and send smiley's emoticons.
(Best) Friendship is not endless, it will end. But the sound of it will not fade away. Not only about one time smile and laughter, but continuous. Even if nobody would never care to tell you one unimportant detail, they will always remember to tell you. And you would smile to reply it.
It's about keeping the distance close, even you're apart thousand miles away.

Yes. You may know thousand people. But, they're not your friend (yeah-you-know-what-I-mean). You just know them.

(Best) Friendship is a relationship that you care enough to keep it warm. That's it.


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