#8 Living by My Own

It was only a dream, but I still can feel that I was really afraid. It was a dream of losing a job. Either being fired or whatever (
a bit blur, but I think it's because company was bankrupt).

I realize that living by my own, without parents around, is a tough thing. I have to live, no matter how much money I have both in my pocket and in my bank account. I have to live, with or without money. Eat or not. It's all on my own.

The thinking of losing job is not fun. Indeed.

What I thought were; how I can pay the bill, how I live the next month, how I can buy my food, how I look for another job to continue the living, etc. It sucks. And I do know, if I had no more income or job, I can go home anytime, but that's not an option. Living with parents is the option I have left for another year, not because I don't want to be with them. But because, I am at the point that I need to live my own life. I am not trying to be selfish and too confident, but it's a choice. Long time ago, when I was still a kid, I have been dreaming to live like this, out of the house and build my own life bubble.

Like I told you several times, adulthood is sucks, somehow.


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