#4 Back to the ground.

I walked straight away, followed the road. Didn't think to turn around or change direction. I was so firm and confident. Only thinking about my life and my way ahead.
That I was so selfish, self-centered, and obviously stupid.

But, then who really care? Nobody.
That's why I didn't care as well, just like everybody else.

The air was so thick, and the blood was heated up. My head was heavy, as if I carried rocks inside.
But still, I walked. The road was long and endless. And I was so sure I could finish it all.

Seconds after that, you dragged me down.
Back to the ground, hold my arm tightly. Almost hug me till I lost my breath, I gasped.
And I felt my cheeks were warm, I was being slapped. Not by your hands, but by those exact time which I feel so idiot.

You stopped me.
.. and the air became thinner.
So that the tears was there. Your shoulder was wet, but you didn't look at me. Yet, I know you would be there until I finish my last drop of tears.


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