#3 Familiarity

Found out that at some point, all I need is familiarity. I can be anywhere, anytime, and with anyone, but only a second in those time, I would need to grab something un-strange.

These few days, several little things were different and indeed nobody has realized, but I did. Odd. And it was only me who knew what was happen. Something was lost, something wasn't in the right place, and I missed it just like a puzzle missed one of its piece. Small, but critical.

But then, the missing piece has been found. The familiarity was back. And I can sit down comfortably. I don't know when I will get used with the invisibility of that familiarity. Just wondering what will happen when it was no longer there.

(image : Pancoran, Jakarta, December 2010. Kumagin. Kodak ISO 200. 1/100. 22mm. F8.)


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