#2 Flea Market

It was located somewhere in Chinatown, my housemate took me there since he wanted to looking for Star Wars toys. Before I got there, I didn't have any idea of what it would like. But then, it was very great. Toys were everywhere.. and one shop caught my heart so bad. An antique shop, with many old stuffs, included old cameras, many old bottles, hundreds of old toys, hundreds pieces of very very old postcard and photos, old books, and many other things. I loved it!

The postcards there were from many countries, and plenty of them were written with someone's stories at the back. And the stamps were very old. I found one postcard with Soeharto's stamp on it. Too bad the old postcards cost quite expensive. So, I bought some postcards with reasonable prices, one of it was from Bali and it was sent on 1971. It is amusing to read stories in it, because somehow it belonged to someone in the past, and now after years, I read it as some stories to be kept. A bit scary, but yet lovely.

Oh, and I found a chubby Snoopy! :)


Anonymous said…
I'm somewhat fond of antique stuffs. Such an intriguing shop you visited there :)
novel. said…
iyaaa.. me love love love that antique shop. you should be there! :D

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