#11 Handful of Treasures

Not because I want to looked smart.
Not because everybody does the same.
Not because I don't like to observe my surrounding (just like when he said "I always spot you read wherever you are. Don't read! Observe!")

It's because I love it. I love reading. I love books. I love holding it in my hands, such a different feeling when you hold an iPhone, an iPad, or a Kindle. It feels good when you can turn each pages and put a shopping receipt or a paper or a postcard or a proper bookmark to mark the last page you've read. It feels delightful.

Someday, I'll put all my books in a wood shelf and show it to my children - or even my grandchildren. I'll let them know how much words I've been read and let them know how to love books as much as I do. Just like when I saw my grandpa's bookshelves and I was amazed. I was shaking, realizing that sometime in the past he read those books somewhere else - different time, different era, and the books were still alive.

Yes, these are for my future children and grandchildren. :) I've got a handful of treasures.


totally totally toootally agreee!!!!

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