Jack's New Year Eve.

Ma, why are you still awake? It's very dark already.

I'm waiting for a new year, Jack.

When will it come, Mama?


How soon?

Very soon.

How do you know?

It will come when the clock pass the number 12.

But, it happens everyday, and there was no new year, Ma..

Today's different. Today's new year!

How do you know that today is new year? Why is not yesterday or tomorrow?

Because we have passed 365 days before, and today it will change into another year.

Exactly 365 days? Wow. How many is that? 365. I think that's much. Very very much, I can't count it with all my fingers.

Of course you can't count it with your fingers. But actually you don't need to count it, it will pass without you knowing it.

But, now, you know that we've passed that 365 days and you never counted it.

Umm.. Yea. Sort of..

So what will we do in new year? Anything new? Will there be any different in the morning?

Nothing I guess, the sun will rise as usual, and the sky will be the same blue.

Oh. Not fun.

That's okay. That's the fun of new year. No different, but yet it's also not the same.

Mama, what are you talking about? I don't understand. Hoahemm.. And I think I'm sleepy.

Go sleep, here, I put a blanket to cover you.

But, I want to see new year..

You'll meet it, once you wake up in the morning.. no worry, there's no hurry for you. There are still so many new year you'll have later.

Really? Are you sure?


(Mama and Jack)


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