Just did it, again.

I, once, placed my face in front of a shower head, with water flowed from it. I hold my breathe, tried to cheat the time, and counted in my head how long I could stand there without inhaling oxygen.
Minutes passed by, I closed my eyes, I hold my breathe, I shut my mouth. And in the second when the oxygen in my lung was empty, I was tempted to stay there. I was tempted to stay under the waterflow, without breathing. I played the death, I chose it for a second. A second after that, I opened my eyes in a hurry, and inhale the oxygen as much as possible to fulfill my lung. I gasped.

But I just did it, again.

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i bake my own bread for breakfast, i craft everything i could think of, i watch arsenal, i dream of alaska, and i befriend old cameras. my world rotates on september.



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