Yatik is the one with red clothes and veil.

I regret I didn't meet her several weeks ago. The timing wasn't good, and I was a bit too busy with my life. I regret that at least, I couldn't share some times with her (and her friends, generally).

And I might not be able to meet her anymore. She went back to her hometown, because her child has just died, a week before Hari Raya. Her mother and sister don't allow her to come back here, they don't want to be left again. She lost her child, and I feel terrible. Knowing something that actually need not to be known, sometimes makes things become uncomfortable. I think about her loss, spontaneously.

And I regret my unavailability when she asked me to meet her, several weeks ago.

Yatik.. I really hope we can meet again someday. And please, don't leave your study. Go get your certificate! I pray everything will get better in your life.

Warm hugs from here.


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