Vintagious with Jakarta.

So, this is the last day of Jakarta's annual event, Jakarta Fair. With the whole members of my family, we went there only to feel that euphoria of Jakarta's birthday with the Jakartans. I was just excited, since there were many booths from outside Jakarta, my favorites were Nusa Tenggara Timur's and Kalimantan Tengah's booths (and stupid me! I don't have the pictures.........). In this event, I also found the MRT plan for DKI Jakarta. And somehow, it put a big hope in the faces of the Jakartans. Please, don't fail us this time. :)

And after all, this is Jakarta Fair 2010 - from my eyes, it's 'vintagious'.

Go older, Jakarta! 483th. That's really old..

(some photos were taken by my brothers. all photos were edited by me.)


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