Sing Waka Waka All Over the World

World Cup has ended a week ago, and the virus has been spread all over the world since months ago. And the last one month was a Shakira's month, a Waka Waka's month, when all the people all over the world sang the exact same song. It was incredible and awesome, I was amazed on how the countries can be that similar one another, we appreciated that event as our celebration, even though our countries weren't pass to the qualification. I'm not a big fan of football, to be honest. But I got the fever, especially from the quarter final game, when my favorite team lost. And it continued until the final game, I was awake the whole time only to see Espana became the World's Champion holding that World Cup. :)

I sang Waka Waka because that song was played thousand times a day on the television, not because I knew exactly what song it was. I watched Shakira's video clip via Youtube several days after the final game match, and it was the very first time I heard the whole song without being cut. Haha. Isn't that funny? Waka waka has spread the virus, even for the non-attention-givers of football.

I went to somewhere in Jakarta few days ago, faraway from my home. Physically, they and I are never got a connection to interact, not even a minute. Surprisingly, I went there for some purposes - unrelated to football, but we sang the same song! Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)! Those children I met sang that line, only a little piece from the whole lyric "waka waka tsamina mina".

Semper's children who sang Waka Waka cheerfully.

World Cup is a universal language. From Africa to Europe, from America to Asia, and from South Jakarta to Semper! I wish we could call it as a peace language, when we really appreciate the game as sportive matches.. and World Cup could be the event of world's gathering, we were all awake at the same time those nights. :)

See you 4 years later - without Waka Waka.


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