A secret.

I had this high tension of conversation via messenger yesterday. I had a doubt about many things, as you know, a Scorpio is a restless soul. I fret a lot things in my head, that makes me wishy-washy and mostly act like a undecided person. In my head, there're tons of things which are being thought once in time. That's why I dragged my dear friend, I asked him to help me decide and figure out.

I'm not gonna tell you what my problems are. But, I'm gonna tell you one secret about finding your life. This is (more or else) what he asked me to do.

Untie yourself from anything else, include anything beyond you, and focus on you. Only YOU. Because it's all about YOU. Close your eyes, focus on what's inside your head. Imagine what you are doing right now. Try to think what's inside your dream.. What are you doing in it?

And I did that. I came out with one single word, word of my dream. There I was! It wasn't a job at all. Not an architect or designer or whatsoever. It doesn't even relate to a job which can make a lot of money for me.

So, I'd already found my dream. Next thing to do is finding ways to reach it, any ways.

Interested to try? :)


novel. said…
thanks to bo! :D

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