Andong Village, Cambodia : They Need Helps

My heart is like being squeezed. A friend of mine, Fajar, gave a real short story about one village in Cambodia, called Andong. Andong village is a relocation area of a community which was lived in Pnom Penh (Sambok Chap), and more than 1000 families lost their homes and properties. They were being relocated in 2006, to this Andong village - which was never existed before in Cambodia map - with no homes, no electricity, no school, no drainage, no sewage facilities, nothing. Case like this, people losing their homes, is a common thing in Cambodia. The city's development regularly cause this case happen and the poor people don't have any proves to be shown as a legal ownership of their property, because of the Khmers have destroyed their property records.

There are several major problems which needed to be taken care of in this relocation area, because the people are literally powerless. The community is just too poor to overcome their own problems, they need money to survive in life, and it makes them don't have enough power and time to think about the other problems, such as drainage problem in that area. During this past two years, there is a man who helps Andong village to build homes, school, and also underground pipes to reduce the flood during rainy season. This man is Abraham, since 2008 he moved to the nearby area to regularly help Andong villagers.

Andong village need better drainage, so that they can survive the rainy seasons each year. During the rainy season, the flood brings raw sewage into their houses. It caused may other problems as side effects, such as health problems. Mentioning about this major problems, they need thousands of dollars to build a proper drainage system in their large dwelling area. US$7000 to be exact.

There's no better dwelling area than a dry land to lay your head on. That's what we are struggling for. A dry land for Andong village. We can't imagine how a mother and her children should stand in waist deep flood waters in rainy season, but it happens. How do they sleep? How do they keep alive in that waters in their bottom body parts?

We're lucky, to live in such a dry land with tiles under our feet. But, how about them? They need to be awake during the rainy season, to save their lives against the (dirty) waters. They're another people, in another area, another country.. but they're just like us. Breathe the same oxygen. Andong village still need our helps, urgent and imminent help. Every pennies, cents, dollars, rupiahs, dongs, euros, pounds, yuans, or whatever you have, will be very helpful for them, for their better dry place to live in.

I knock, I hope you'll open the door and give them a hand.

You can join the group to help Andong village in facebook : Help Andong kids (please)
You can directly contact my friend, Fajar, for details : +65 83121463 (cell phone) or email
You can also help Cambodian kids, join the gruop in facebook : Cambodian Kids Foundation

Photo credits : Andrew Gray and Thomas Tham (via Fajar)
Materials' source : via Fajar


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