Prudence : There is a Guy.

There is guy. I've known him for years, years that I have never counted since I believe that there's no importance in numbers. I only know and realize that we've been known each other for a long time, since we were so thin and tan and dirty and smelly.. until we noticed about love in young adulthood years.

This guy is an average guy, and I believe he would mention me as an average woman. Some times in the past, we were enemies, and then suddenly became good friends, and then only friends, and then very best friends, and then suddenly strangers, and then friends, then enemies, and so on. Up and down. And we don't really care, it's us, that what makes our relationship still go on and on and on, until this second.

I'm going to meet him, for a lunch. I haven't met him since two years ago, but we still catch up via email and facebook. It's pretty weird not seeing him in a quite long time, because we used to hang out together very often. He called me two days ago, asked me whether I have a leisure time to meet up, re-gathering for old folks.

My phone is ringing, it must be him and I'm still searching an empty parking lot, it's been 15 minutes I have to hold this wheel without any luck for a damn space!
"Hi! Sorry I'm late, I can't find an empty parking lot." I answer the call without asking who the caller is.
"That's okay, Pru. I'll take a table for us. No need to hurry."
"Thanks thanks. See you soon, Den."
I think I haven't mentioned his name for you. Sorry, my bad. His name is Aden, and don't ever tell him that he has a quite strange name because he'd already heard that thousand times since he was in kindergarten.

"Oh, there you are!" He welcomed me, when I finally found him in the corner table, he was busy with his Blackberry before noticing my arrival.
We hug, like old friends do.
"How are you, Den? You look great!" I say it honestly.
"Fine. Great as you said." He smiles. "You look gorgeous, as well. Gain some weight huh? You used to be too skinny, you know?" He giggles.
"Hey, don't ever told a girl about her weight. It might hurt her feeling." I punch his shoulder softly. He laughs.
"But, I tell you the truth. Too skinny isn't good, now you have gained some kilograms and you look better."
"Well, thank you." I smile and give up to argue him. So, I grab the menu book and scan the menu list. "What's good here? Recommend me something, Den."
"Uhm, the pastas are delicious. And the latte is the best in town."
"Ah, you must be too hyperbolic."
"No! I'm serious. You should try, Pru." He smiles, confidently.
I nod and decide my orders based on his recommendation. The waiter come and write down our orders in his paper, and quickly disappear to the back of the counter to deliver our order to the chef in the kitchen.

So, we talk.
"How's life?" I ask him.
"Good." He smiles, again. "Can't expect more, I've been through good moments, but now it's even better than the good old moments back then."
"Of course. You have two books have been published!" I say it too loud, not purposely doing that. "Congratulation, by the way. I've read your books, and I was satisfied."
"Thanks, Pru. It really mean a lot for me." He touches my hand slightly. "I also read your writings, and your style really reminds me about yourself in college. That's so you."
I stare at him. "What do you mean?"
"Ya.. your writings always show that it was you who wrote that. Very personal and deep. Although it's not always social or humanity topics, but I always can see you inside your writings."
His words touches my heart, deeply. If it wasn't him who told me that thing, I would be flattered. But, it's Aden. He knows me too well, better than me, knowing myself. We weren't a good couple of bestfriend, but we always could understand and read each other's minds. It's really hard to explain, I myself don't really know how to describe it. It's like I see myself inside his head, and vice versa. But, it doesn't mean that we're alike, no.
"Thank you. I'm glad that I have a loyal reader." I grin and he laugh out loud.
"What did you just said? Loyal reader? Oh no, Pru! Your confidence, never change!"
I laugh. It's good to have someone who knows my past that well, reminds me that I have many good times back then, with the real people who know me personally.

This lunch is a good time, time that I will certainly remember the next day, the next week, and maybe months after this. I don't have many good times in life, that's why I keep what's good inside a box. A treasure box, which I could open whenever I need to recall it. This treasure box, I hide it behind any walls in my heart, nobody knows it, not even Aden. But, well, good job, Aden. You're in many parts inside my treasure box. I don't know what does it mean for me, or for you, but you occupy quite a lot of space in it.

There's a guy, he's my best enemy and also my very worst friend. His name is Aden.


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