Prudence : Finally, Beach!

I took leave. For days.

And I'm on the beach! What a pleasure. And for your information, I'm smiling right now - just to show you that I'm so relieve and free. Well, actually, Mr Paul didn't just let me go that easy. He gave me leave for days only if I promised I would check my email continuously. And he forced me to bring my laptop so that I could finish two articles for two days. Oh. What a job! But I can accept that somehow, since I got paid by seeing sunny day on the sand like now.

So, here I am. Laying under the colorful umbrella on the beach, with my sunglasses put on and sun block all over my body.. and laptop. I check my emails, worry about my last article that I sent in hurry. There's no email from the office - thanks God, but there's an email from Ray.

From :
To :
Subject : Catching Up.

Hi there. How r u, Pru? Long time I don't bother you. ;) I read your article few days ago, about suburban life. Well, I did like it! A lot. By the way, this is a compliment from your reader, Ms. Writer.

Actually, I'm going to ask you out, to catch up.. hmmm.. as a friend? No bad purpose, of course. I just found out that you're smart and different, I thought we can talk about things. Only if you had leisure time, of course. Coffee perhaps? Please do let me know!


Oh Ray, you're so weird! I sign out from my account, refuse to be bothered by that email and prefer to continue my free time, my beach time. This is a time that I've been waiting for, for months, so let me spend it wisely.

Hello, sun!


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