Matter of Perspective.

Human being. You. Me. Us.
We see what we want to see, we ignore things that we don't want to see. Simply like that.
We. Selfish creatures. Who shout all the time, curse all the time, blame others for the things we can't get.
That's us. Human being.
I am one of that creature.
I shout. I curse. I blame others. I am selfish. (Shame on me)

Apparently, I haven't grew up. I am not mature enough to see what I can see. I still choose to see what I want to see. That's the reason why I am still stand in this unstable sand.

Life. Is a matter of perspective.
You can see what far beyond, or you only satisfied of what you see in front of your nose. Perspective, it's the key.
Like when I play with my camera.. Perspective does matter.


Karina Saputri said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karina Saputri said…
...and process does too ;)

ini novel yg di MP bukan ya? :D
novel. said…
iya. benar.

iyess.. novel yg di MP.
wah, kita ketemu dimana-mana.. hihi.

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