Prudence : Ray.

Saturday. 15.35.

The queue is frustrating. It's so damn-long, I can't even see the frontiest person in line, I'm in the last row.. holding the box of salty popcorn. My friends tricked me, they said they were going to the toilet and asked me to queue, and that they were gonna catch me up in the queue. And they tricked me, they didn't go to the toilet, they just didn't want to queue for this movie tickets. Oh shit.

I was fooled. It's been hundred times I've got fooled, and I never ever realized or read their signals. But that's okay. At least they handed me this salty popcorn, and I'm going to finish it before the movie start. I make myself busy with my iPod, change the song, go through the playlist and look for Dave Matthews with his sexy voice.

Someone stand beside me, out of sudden, closely. I thought it's one of my friends, or whichever left me in this queue before, so I don't lift my head up. Keep busy with my iPod.

"Thought you're getting used to have someone interrupting your personal distance." I hear him saying this sentence, not so clear, but I can hear it. I glance a bit. Oh my! He's not one of my friends, he is no Frans, no Henry, no Pras, no Greta, no Hana. He's the 6th floor guy, that weirdo executive whom I met few weeks ago. I don't even remember that he's ever exist in my world. What's he doing here? I'm very sure that I look surprise, because he's grinning at me now.
"Sorry." Still with his grin.

"Can I help you?" I try to collect my sanity, this guy make me insane.

"I saw you, accidentally, and I remember you sat in front of my office building. So, I came after you, just want to say hi."

Whatttt?!?!?! That I scream inside my head. And here I try to say calmly, "Okay. Hi, then."

"Hi." He is smiling. "Ray."

Oh, now he's introducing himself. Should we do this, stranger? I take a deep breathe. "Prudence. Pru."

He smiles, again and again and again. "So, you're here with.." He look around to see whether someone is staring at us while we're talking. "No one?" He assume.

"Friends. They're somewhere in this big place. I queue for them, they tricked me." Fool me! Why should I tell him?

He giggle. "What movie?"

I mention one action movie.

"Uh. We're going to watch the same movie." He say to me, a little enthusiasm showed.

Wrong answer, Pru! Wrong answer! "What time are you gonna watch?" I ask him.

"Ummm.. 18.15." He answer after checking the schedule on the board. "And you?"

"Oh. 20.45." I lie. Actually, those folks asked me to buy 18.15 tickets. But, who cares? They're not here, and I can do whatever I want.

His face looks a bit disappointed. My phone rings. Good timing!
"Hana!" I shout at the caller, it's Hana. "Where are you? I'm still in the queue. It's so damn-long!"

"Pru.." She laugh. "We're about to buy some snacks. Want some? Lemme buy it for you."

I roll my eyes, as if she could see my expression. "Potato chips and coffee, please."

"Okay. I'll see you soon, darling." And she laugh. I hang up, before she could say anything else.
When I am about to say something to the man named Ray, which was beside me a minute ago, he's gone. What a polite way to disappear! And seriously, I can't think anything else but his appearance today. Surprising and unpredictable. Who can predict that I'm gonna meet one guy, whom I met only for few minutes long long time ago (I'm way too hyperbolic), and we didn't even introduce ourselves each other? It's weird.

Fifteen minutes after that, I'm in front of the ticketing counter. Choose the movie, schedule, and seats. And the circus gang come with smiles in their faces. Well, that's all. No more Ray.

Thursday. 14.18.

New email icon blinks. I click it.

From :
To :
Subject : Another Hello!

Hi, Pru!
I found you! I saw you, actually your photo, in today's newspaper. Small picture, but I could say that it was you. So, I called the paper and ask whether it is really you or another Pru. And I asked for your email. :) No bad intention, hey, Pru.. Just want to say Hi!
The other day, I was disappear. Sorry. Something I gotta catch up.

And, again.. Hi, Pru! Your article is really good. A good writer and a good sketcher. Interesting.



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