Prudence : Happiness.

A very beautiful morning, with the sun light go through the windows of my room. It's at the second floor, so more chance to catch the morning sun with tree's shadow from the big tree in front of the house. Saturday it is, I don't have to wake up early and catch the morning bus to get to the office. I lay my back down to the pillows, enjoy my no-need-to-work-Saturday morning. It's tremendous. And I think one cup of coffee will fulfil this morning.

I lay back in my room, after I poured hot water into my coffee mug. The windows are open, so the bird chirps can come into the room. Simple, but it's enough to put a smile upon my face.

The whole my life, I've never asked for something big. I prayed to God (or whoever you call Him), for the common stuffs, like the health, safety in the trip, good school or university, etcetera. I didn't ask for Europe or wealthy, as I know that it's not my cup of tea. I'm good enough with what I have, I'm good with common stuffs. But, after all, I'm good doesn't mean that I'm happy. Actually, I don't even know what happiness is. Can you define happiness with smiles and laughters? As simple as that? Or, happiness can be defined by money.. or spouse.. or job? Who can answer my questions? Because, I can't judge which one is true, and which one is false.

I'm Prudence, and I'm good. Good job with enough salary, good living space with clean bathroom and kitchen, good friends (though they always bully me), a good sibling, and great parents. But, am I happy? I have no idea.

Let's make a list for what I don't have and others have.
1. I have no boyfriend, nor husband.
2. I don't own a house, or a car. And I'm still doubt whether I have intentions of having them.
3. I only hold a Bachelor Degree, not Master Degree.
4. I never go to Japan, or Sydney, or Greece, or Manhattan.
5. I don't have children. Indeed!
6. ...

I stop making the list. Ridiculous!

If happiness is tangible, then I must be the unhappiest person amongst my colleagues, friends, and relatives.

I take a deep breathe, sip my coffee, and stare at the windows. The sun is beautiful, and why can't it make me happy? Or maybe.. it has made me happy, but I didn't realize it, since I expected the bigger things come to impress my happiness neuron. But, no bigger things came, and I judge myself to be not-happy-enough.

Am I getting into the right things? Or am I just blabbing?

I finish my coffee. There's no exact metering on happiness. And surely, I am on my way to find my happiness, the happiness in my mind and I couldn't even draw the picture for you. I know I have it, though I don't know the thing yet.

I get my towel, ready to take a bath. Something blinks on the table, my cell phone, new message.

To : Pru
From : Lissa

Pru,you're still on,rite? This afternoon, 2 p.m., Prime Cafe?

It's my bestfriend in Senior High School. She's one of the prettiest girl I've ever seen in my life, and not only that, she's also genius. One of kind that can make you very very small if you sit beside her. But, I'm the proudest bestfriend on earth for having her in my life.

To : Lissa
From : Pru

Yes, yes, of course. I'll see you soon. Btw, bring all of your happiness stocks to Prime Cafe, okay? I'm doing a research to find happiness in life! And.. Lis, did you see the morning sun just now? ;p

I smiled typing that message, because I'm sure that Lissa will laugh reading it. And just before I put the phone back on the table, my phone blink again. Lissa reply too fast. But, no. It's an email.

From :
To :
Subject : none

Morning, Pru! Did you see the morning sun?


I'm surprised, to be honest. This guy is unpredictable. The last email he sent to me, I didn't reply it. And this is his second email, meaningless but yet successfully made me speechless.

To :
From :
Subject : Re:none.

Yep. I saw it..



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