{now} I don't believe in marriage.

{now} I don't believe in marriage.
If it only brings you pain. And sadness.
I can't accept the belief or custom which say that I have to marry someone when I'm twenties, or thirties.
I can't, because I don't believe in it.
I see people fall down and struggle to stand up, only because of marriage.
I see people get disappointed.
I see selfishness, people who stand only on their own principles, don't care about their pairs.
I see tears. I see heart broken. I see hurtful faces. I see unhappiness.
I hear high tones. I hear debates. I hear sobs. I hear weak voices. I hear slamming doors. I hear breaking plates.

If I have to carry all of those sadness, I'd prefer no.
I'd prefer celibacy. I'd prefer no ring. I'd prefer no change on my last name. I'd prefer freedom.

If only I could be as happy as when I'm single. At that point, I might be believe in marriage.
If only I could meet somebody who matters nothing, not money nor wealthiness, I'd beg him to be on my side, until death do us apart.

If only.

I believe God knows what suit me well.
I don't believe in marriage.
I believe in God.


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