I'm two sides of a coin.

I am Maja in one side. And I am Tony in the other side.
I, myself, don't even know which one is the real me.
In the other coin, I'm Seirra and Cory.
Or Monica and Venna.
I'm nobody.
I can't read my mind, I can't be myself. I can't act usual, I can't think sanely.
I'm lost.

Feels like I'm the ground.
Not laying there, but I'm just a part of the ground.
Maybe one particle of the soil, or a part of the grass, or whatever.
I'm the ground.
I'm looking up at the sky.
Sometimes it's day, and sometimes it's night. Sometimes it's red, and blue, and sometimes it's black.
I know what I see. But, I just can't figure out, which part of me is seeing the sky.
I'm the ground, I'm million things. I can't name myself.
I'm nothing.
I'm the ground, looking up at the sky. Nobody.


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