come from dark and gloomy.

Lately, I'm full of pessimisms. Realizing that I am in a dark and gloomy circle, with a dark aura surrounds myself. Well, not to speak of my dark aura, I did some editing works of my old photo collection, tried a tutorials I found in google.

But, as predicted, it ended unwell. Since I put not-happy-ending stories behind the photos. Take a look at these.

"Sorry I can't be there with you."

"..and we know why."

"m : i think we’re good
w : yeah
m : but, not so great
w : yeah
m : i don’t want something bad happen to both of us
w : sure
m : i’m afraid that it will not be better, only good
w : i’d already knew it
m : …
w : so long!
m : take care"

I hope you are enjoying my dark aura..


Anonymous said…
i like these words i saw in blur's vclip - out of time : you can't love someone you don't know anymore.

there are only 2 things you can do at this point :
1. get to know him/her for one more time, so you can decide if he/she worth to be loved
2. get to know yourself better, so you can find someone worth to be loved
i'm no expert, but i like to think i am, hehe
novel. said…
lisa! kau men-de-activated FB lagi -___-" dasar. hahaha.

lis.. saya suka kata2nya! viva blur! hhehe. :)
Anonymous said…
hehehe, iya - this time is for real. doakan saya kuat bertahan yah, hehe..

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