WHY word.

I've just had this conversation with my partners, when we were stuck doing a design for a simple trigger. We sat on the chairs, in circle, and we were completely clueless. We all knew that what we're facing was a simple thing and we could finish it as fast as we can. But, unconsciously, we refused to think simply. We were taking it to complex way, (again) unconsciously.

What I'm going to say is that our college thoughts have brought us further than we thought. We can do something simple, but we take a long way to reach the product. We compared our college with another college, and we found that we're a freak. Haha. Sorry to say, and no offense for my college friends. But, we are.

I take myself as an example. I had a colleague from other university, and when we sat with the same trigger given by the boss, we ended up with me with schemes and my colleague with massings. How's that sound to you? Am I a freak or a slow thinker?

It's because I was taught to think that way, I was taught by my lecturers to think from the basic thing with various parameters and aspects. I start everything with complex analysis and we go through with scheme and scheme and scheme. I can say that massing is a pre-result, which already steamed with all of the tons of aspect inside. That's why I always end up with longer time compared to others.

I always start with the word WHY?, as I was taught for 4 years.

WHY? is the basic of each designs which I ever done. Even if there will be nobody ask me about my design, or even I will never show my design to anyone else, I never missed the word WHY?. In some ways, it makes me difficult to imagine the product, it makes me difficult to be a fast designer. And when I'd already have 'something' in mind, I'd always go back to the word WHY? and everything is directly gone. Just like that. Nothing can come in mind, before I ask WHY?.

My friends and I were stuck doing our work, we kept asking the parameter, context, then distinguishing this from that, analyzing the site, grouping many things, and etcetera. It was only a simple thing and we didn't dare to come with product. We didn't dare to draw something. I drew, and nobody responded. My friend drew, and the other kept silent. And in the end, we kept analyzing many things and went back into the beginning. It went like that for hours, round and round and round. Do you know why we ended up like that? It's because there's a huge WHY? word in our head. And we kept asking WHY? every time we drew something and unfortunately we couldn't answer it. That's our blind side. We couldn't come with a fast-result. We should think and draw many schemes before we're brave enough to draw a design.

I will not say this way of thinking is good. Or bad. Nobody can say. It's our own call.


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