Prudence : Rabbit, Grass Field, and Tree.

I am doing my article, that's why I sit the whole day in front of this huge building, watching people in suits walk in and out. I actually have no idea about what I observe, but I also can't think anything if I just sat in the office. So, here I am, with my jeans and sneakers among of these tie/blazer-pantofel workers.

I hold my writing block in my left hand, and camera in the other hand. I press the shutter button whenever I see interesting objects, and actually I haven't seen anything very interesting, yet. I see the same and ordinary people, with the same aura, the same expression. Uh, boring.

Playing with pencil is fun, I draw a little rabbit jumps on the grass field, with a big tree. Suddenly, someone sit beside me in a close distance. Too close for a stranger. I lift my head up and see a man is sitting beside me and staring at my writing block.

"I see you sit here since morning. My office is at 6th floor, and I can see you directly from up there." He starts the talk.
I don't respond his words.
"I used to dream become an illustrator.." Sounds like he is talking to himself, and he still stare at my drawing.
"And why don't you become one?" I don't know why I ask this question.
He glance at my eyes, and then sigh. We silent for minutes.
"How can I help you, sir?"
He looks a little bit surprise with my question. "Ehm, sorry, Miss. I didn't mean to disturb you. I just.. I just.."
"No. No. That's not what I meant.." I think I bring up the wrong way to ask him.
"Well.. I have something else to do. Sorry for my interruption." He smile. "I should go back to work." He stand up and he's tall. Taller than the other man I've ever seen. With his black pants and greenish shirt, and dark green tie, he stand for some seconds in front of me, and all I can see is his thighs wrapped by (very) black pants.
"Nice to meet you." He say it, very soft, and I can't even hear it clearly.
"Okay." I nod, and wave at him. He turn around and go back inside the huge building.

I do not have any idea what was just happen. What was that? Who was that? And why did he approach me? Weirdo! Executive weirdo, to be exact!

I sigh deeply, and for some reason, I don't want to think about that man. I go back to the people with the suits. Maybe, something I can write about those people.. a boredom of life? Ah you, cynical Pru! Hey, that's my opinion.. why can't I write it? I laugh loudly in my head, of course I can't. That's how people live these days, and nobody can interfere the fact, nobody can against the community, when people are just the same.. souls in suits. Boring.

My handphone rings. I pick it up, without look at the caller ID.
"Pru?" It's Nuno.
"What's up, No?"
"Farah look for you since morning. Where are you?"
"I'm on the road, try to write something for weekend edition."
"You didn't tell her that you would be out of the office today."
"I did. I told Mr. Paul yesterday."
"Mr. Paul didn't tell Farah, huh?"
"I don't think so."
I roll my eyes. "Can you tell Farah, No? Please.." I beg him.
"Yeah, sure. But be careful if you come to the office tomorrow, I think Farah don't really like the idea of your absence today."
"Yeah.. yeah.. Well I'm working here, not going to the beach.." I groan.
Nuno laugh. "You know, Pru, she doesn't like if she doesn't know anything and anybody else know things she doesn't know."
Oh, Nuno start with that talk. I giggle. "Stop saying that kind of sentence, you give me headache."
He laugh outloud. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, Pru. Happy working!"

After threw my cellphone back into my bag, I write down something in my head, for several rows. And quickly close my writing block, take some picture with my camera and pack my things. It's 3 p.m. and I'm starving. Gonna catch a bus to go to the other side of the city, I think I'm gonna call Anne to meet me up after working hour. Anne is my sister, we live in different area because of working place's reason. Our parents are not here, they live faraway from Jakarta, and both of Anne and I decided long time ago to move to Jakarta. And several years ago, we live separately.

"Anne. Let's have dinner together. I'm on my way to your area.. I want pizza." That's me calling her.

I catch my bus, heading to my sister's office area. I sit near the window, as the bus isn't so crowded so I could just pick any empty seat. I choose the one near the back door, so that I could jump easily when I reach my destination. People in the bus mostly aren't the same type with those at the huge building, they wear no suits or pantofels. I sit silently at my seat and make myself busy with my writing block, need to write down what's inside my head while it's still there.

An orange-seller come closer to me, offer his oranges.
"Miss, would you like to buy? It's sweet and cheap. Wanna try the samples?" He offer his peeled orange to me. I'm not in the mood to eat fruit, especially orange. So, I refuse politely and give him a polite smile. He smile back and leave me, he continue offering his oranges to another passengers.

After the orange-seller, then come another book-seller. He hold a dozen of thin book, and put it one by one to each of the passenger's hands. Some of them refuse the book, some of them accept it and open to see what the book is. I, myself, accept the book, curios of the content. Oh well, it's just an ordinary book, like a small encyclopedia about general knowledge, suitable for elementary school students. I give it back to the seller, not interested to buy.

Then, come also a singer with her small guitar. She's fat, I mean her belly is a bit bigger than the common woman's belly. I'm not sure whether she's pregnant or she's just fat. She sing a song that I don't recognize what the song is. So, I just keep staring at her, study her face and her expression while she sing and play her small guitar. After two songs, she walk around the bus and hand us her hat, ask for some rupiahs. I put some coins into the hat, when she handed me her hat. And then, she's off the bus.

I take light breath. Realizing one thing. This capital city is not boring, it is cruel. One other time, I was among the dandy people who hold Blackberrys and carry Vaio laptops. With their pantofels and high heels stilettos, and also branded perfumes, the air was so cool since the air conditioner is on 24 hours a day. And this time, I am inside the humid-air bus, where people with dirty shirts offer orange and books, and sing two songs for only 10.000 rupiahs collectively. Isn't it cruel? It's no boredom. People are struggling to keep alive, to collect each cents and buy some rice, and tomorrow they have to wake up and do the same thing, collect some cents for rice. No saving to buy heels or perfume..

I open the page of my writing block where I draw a rabbit in grass field, and also one huge tree. The rabbit was me, the grass field was Jakarta, and the huge tree was the huge building I visited today. I exhale, and add more trees in the drawing. Also add more rabbits. I drew a boring sketch because I felt alone and bored. Now, I feel that I shouldn't feel that way. When you feel bored with all of those suits and perfume, then go take a bus! See all of those people who suffer to live, and they have no time to feel bored.

I look out of the window, it already reach my destination area. I put my writing block inside the bag and stand up. Ready to jump off the bus.


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