Prudence : "I need a beach."

Living in this big city is such a mess. But I am enjoying it. Living in here is like in between life and death. It's not literally death, but it could be a moral death or a social death, I've been feeling it since million years ago.

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, a metropolitan city, but yet we're still a developing country, not better than a small tiny country named Singapore. I live here, in Jakarta. It is polluted, it is crowded and full of commuters and transmigrants from outer Jakarta, probably from other islands, it is full of crime, and it is obviously not safe. But, in the end, who cares? Everybody wants to be here, except me.

Oh well. I'm Prudence. And, for your information, I'm no anti-Jakarta club. I just hate to be here, for now. I'm bored with my routines, I'm bored hearing car-horns every morning, I'm bored with the traffic jam. I'm bored sitting on my desk everyday staring at my iMac screen. I am in a need of a long break. I need a beach.

"Pru, are you okay?" Oh yeah, that's my boss asks me a question. The very same question every morning. What's wrong with her?
"I'm very okay, Farah."
"You look awful, Pru!"
And now, she's complaining my appearance. Am I working at a fashion magazine or do I look like a receptionist who should check her appearance every minutes? I give her a smile. "Nope, I'm okay though I look awful. Thank you very much."
Farah only give me a cold smile and walkaway.

See? I need a beach!

And as soon as I think of a beach, a thousand sheet of paper is being dropped by Nuno into my desk. Hardly. I take a deep breathe looking at those papers. It is just not right. I should be at the beach, wearing my sunglasses, enjoying the morning sun.

"Mr Paul asked you to finish this by today." Nuno tell me with his low voice, I know that he didn't want to shock me. And I didn't feel shock, surprisingly. I feel depressed.
"Good luck, Pru!" Nuno leave my desk, before I could say anything.

I put my arms covering my head. I really need a beach.


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