Poem From a Tree.

I'm a tree. An old one. I live for hundreds years.
I knew your grandma when she was young.
I knew your grandpa when he still had his muscles.
I knew your ma when she was a little baby, so was your auntie and your uncle.

I saw your whole family for a long time, when smiles and laughs are everywhere.

I have been standing here for a very long time. And all the grass has been change every year. But I never changed. I am still here, with brand new grass on my foot.

I saw your dad came one day, with his nervous face. He tried to impress you grandparents. Your mom showed her shy face, but she couldn't cover her happiness. That was the first time she bring your dad to her parents.

I saw your mom wearing her wedding gown and your dad with his tuxedo. They smiled happily, held hands all the time. The guests were happy, happy for the beautiful bride and the good-looking groom.

I saw your brother when he was a little baby. He cried a lot.

And you came years later, with your pink cheeks. Giggled every time.

I saw your brother and you when you both were teenagers. Brought your young friends near to me, and did your young activities before dark.

I stand here for a very long time, become a part of your life.

- I wrote this some times ago. And I don't know why I wrote this.


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