This idea suddenly came into my mind. I want to write a fiction, fiction series to be exact, in this blog. Well, I don't really care whether there is somebody will read those series or not. Because, I kinda think that it will be more interesting to have one character I could tell.

If this isn't work in the future, then will you forgive me? :) At least, I'm just want to give it a try.

First come first. Let's pick a name!

I listened to The Beatles song last night, and randomly I loved "Dear Prudence". How about Prudence? We can call her "Pru". Pru for a young adult female. Pru for a 23 years old journalist. (It was just coming into my mind suddenly)

23 years old.
A journalist.

What do you think?


cal said…
u know what, i fell in love with the name Prudence right after I watched that Beatles movie, Across the Universe.. xD
novel. said…
Ah me too!!! I heard that Beatles songs from Across The Universe.. Prudence is a nice and sweet name. :D

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