Good at being alone.

I got a phone call this morning, an old (very) bestfriend called me. We have been planning to meet since months ago, and never been able to make it come true. So, this time I agreed to meet up at Senayan City and I could meet his new girlfriend as well. :)

This is the lovely couple.

We met only about 2 hours, since he needed to go catch up the 5pm flight.

Then, I continued my Senayan City's time at the coffee shop, and I'd realize that I am very good at being alone. I can spend hours doing my things, alone, without notice that the clock is ticking.

I love my alone-time.
I sketch,
I read book,
I sip my coffee,
I listen my playlist in the iPod,
I watch people walk in front of my nose,
I hear things that people talk.

I am good. Really really good.

de Excelso view.

An apple pie and sumatran mandailing coffee.


Nana said…
i also love being alone..
almost one year in Singapore thaught me about that one..:)
novel. said…
it's kinda fun, right?
i enjoy it, even when i'm already at jakarta. nothing can stop me to enjoy the time of being alone. :)

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