what hands did long time ago..

.. is sketching.
.. or doodling, as those three musketeers (Daija, Galih, and Lalitia) don't want to call anything architecturally, hehe.

Sorry, the images' quality are lousy, because I didn't scan it (I don't have a scanner here). And quality of some sketches are also lousy.. hehe.

A quick sketch I did when I waited for my two big friends in a restaurant.

And this is what my friend, Bo, sketched. He likes to sketch fashion. Guess what drawing he did in the right side! Haha. (pssstt.. it's a fashion design actually)

Please don't laugh at this one (me, myself, wants to laugh outloud ;p). I did this sketch when we were ready to eat at Indo-Padang restaurant.

The interior of Indo-Padang.

The day after that, I went out with Pria. Walked around Esplanade and sat at the Open Theater for a long time. He said that he likes being there, the wind blows softly and the view was very nice, showing the Singapore River.

So, I sketched this one. (errr.. why the color is yelowish?) The view from the highest bench of Open Theater Esplanade, looking through the river-edge. My friend laughed at me when I added the board as a foreground, he said it only make my sketch become awful. And I did thought so.

And it's his sketch. Aaaaa.. He never lost his skill. Adore your sketch!

We ate ice creams, spent our leisure time. And I didn't plan to sketch this one, but then Pria said, "The view is very interesting. I think you should sketch that". I followed what he said, and I like my sketch. :)


dai said…
hihiy... nice ones vel! especially 'the view' sketch hehe I like it as well :)

keep sketching! :D
novel. said…
thanks.. :)
gue bersketsa kalo jauh dr lo,dai.. ga jiper soalnya.. hihihi.

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