o r c h a r d

I spent the most of my [last] weekend time at Orchard! And I waited [a lot] for my friends. I didn't feel bored at all, surprisingly. I did enjoyed the feel that I am alone, I am enjoying my time of being alone.. at the super hyper-reality of Orchard and all malls there.

Alone was good. And addictive!

Sketch of ION's entrance. I was waiting for a friend at Saturday afternoon. Sat at the red an-organic bench and felt the wind blow. Good afternoon [though I was starving, hehe].

Then, I did this meaningless sketch of ION's elevation, showing that DIOR and D&G brands. :p

And the next day, I waited at McCafe Orchard for a friend to call and decide where we would meet at some place to eat. I waited for almost an hour and listened an interview of an Indonesian women worker and her boss-in-the-future. It was interesting interview.. the first time I listen to something like that.

And I gave up to this moleskine [finally]. Can't wait to sketch on it.. :)


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