the last flight out.

I sketched, instead of took pictures. Don't know why.. but I suddenly felt, it would be more personal.. since I had a personal-and-also-sentimental feeling about this last flight out.

I felt too many feelings, couldn't describe or define it. Really un-define-able.

My heart was torn into a million pieces, pieces that wouldn't be found by anyone.
It could be A, or B, or C, or whatever you want to call it.
It could belongs to you, her, him, or even no one.
I don't know. I really don't.

It was the last one. The last moment I felt I was belong here, the last seconds I felt that "I'm home".
There will be no more.
We'll be stranger the next time I fly here. We'll be no longer too close after this.
Lemme enjoy the "home" feeling.. at least for several weeks.

La revedere..


Are you going to stay back in Jakarta for good? I mean after this?
novel. said…
ya.. i think so. :D

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