What I Called "A Hero".

source : CNN

At church, yesterday, there was a video of CNN, announced about heroes of the year. It was Budi Soehardi, name mentioned by Kate Hudson.
I voted for him, some times ago, my friend gave me a link from CNN. To be honest, I voted him because he's Indonesian (which I realize that it's a bit lame), I didn't pay enough attention of the story.. all I know was "he's doing social works".
After I saw a CNN video about him. I was touched.
He's an SIA (SQ) pilot. He spares 80% of his salary each month for an orphanage which was opened by him and his wife in East Timor. They provide shelter and food for 48 children, and consider them as their own children.

"Some of the babies come because a mother passes away right after delivery because of lack of nutrition. Others come from extreme poverty. Some come from families [that] just do not want the children and abandon them," he said.

You can read the whole story here. And also, you can watch the video here.
And I was impressed by the short story which was being told by the priest in my church.
"Mr Budi used to have his Sunday service here, at GPO (Gereja Presbitarian Orchard). And one time I asked him, "What is your occupation, Sir?'. He answered, 'I am a driver'. It was years ago, when we don't know anything about his works and those children he saved."

And, I've just realized something, a year ago, my uncle gave me Mr. Budi's name to my email and asked me to do something with him.. and I ignored it!
I didn't know the whole story behind his works.. And now I realize: how bad when you didn't want to know further about something and it made you helpless for other people.

I wish I didn't ignore my uncle's email.. and I could do many things to help those children in
Roslin Orphanage.


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