a regretfulness of the not-so-excited-christmas

to be honest, i am not so excited about this year's christmas.

why oh why? no no no.. not the christmas itself, but the things behind it :

1. i have tons of thing which have to be done.
2. i have to decide many things.
3. i have to spend more money than the previous christmas.
4. i have to release many things from my recent life.
5. i have to face farewell (i hate it the most!).
6. i have to move on to somewhere-which-i don't-know-yet.
7. and SO ON!

and my freakin' point is.......... i just want that christmas' spirit, when i can smile freely, without feeling confused. yah, i know, it's my choice. but, i'm a bit regret.. since i've been losing my christmas' spirit..


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