my own jar-opener.

I was making a bowl of salad and I was about putting the mayonnaise on it. I reached the mayonnaise jar and tried to open it, but it didn't move at all.

.. I need someone to help me open that jar.

Suddenly, my thought flew faraway to the moment when I was at home. Mom always comes to my dad, asks him to open many things that she couldn't do it by herself. Simply like that. And tad-da.. all those jars are opened. My dad is her jar-opener, he could open any jars for my mom!
I want my own jar-opener.

(there.. i said it)


He's there! I'm talking bout your jar-opener. He just waiting for the perfect moment to come and surprise you. Cliche, eh? but it's true. I'd proved it *wink*

first visit here, but instantly in love with "a big trash box of thoughts" ^^

tasya a'06 nihh veell hehehehe..I'll be ur sincere follower from now on, gpp kan akyu ngintip blognya terus hehehe..

novel. said…
hola,tas! :)

i know that he's there. he's just not too close to help me open those jars. i'm just waiting for his appearance..

huwah.. thank you bgt mau memfollow. :)

i'll put ur blog inside my blog links yah..

cuih, gue kan jar opener lo selama ini
*jar opener secara harafiah
novel. said…
seperti yang gue bilang mbak.. kamu bottle-opener.. hihi..

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